Reflections EP

by The Consolation Project

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" sounds modern and despite the recent shoegaze and psychedelia revivals it manages not to sound quite like anyone else." -The Sound Of Confusion

The song "The Power of The Moon" was written about the staggering, life/soul/perception-altering changes that occurred to astronauts due to their pespective of standing on the moon. Imagine then, the perspective of being on a more distant celestial body...

"Everything that I ever knew – my life, my loved ones, the Navy – everything, the whole world was behind my thumb." –James Lovell


released December 9, 2012



all rights reserved


The Consolation Project Rochester, New York

The Consolation Project is unsigned artist Ron Cavagnaro's solo music from Rochester, NY. Since 1993. Please like us on Facebook! Follow us on Twitter @consolationproj
There have been over 20 full length albums worth of material. if you are interested in the archives feel free to contact.
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Track Name: The Power Of The Moon
your kings are nothing
tear down illusions

fools of idols
lost in your sickness

the walls you're building
thinking you're living
empty modern
empty canvas

lucid illusions
saturated visions
turn it off
and throw it out

the power of the moon
enters my room
become everything and nothing
at the same time
forever, forever

you liars will fall
and the serpents will crawl

the power of the moon
enters my room
Track Name: It's A Wonder
it's a wonder that you're all i have
it's the loveliest place
when i climb through your window
through your ancient soul
it surrounds me

it's a wonder how you know
what i seem to know
and can not put to words
it's this magic dream
set to the scene of my reality
don't let go of a lightness in your eyes
lightness in your eyes

it's a wonder that you touched my heart
all i knew is pulled away
blackened ash belongs to the waves

it's a wonder that i have you with me
seeing places i thought i'd never see
something magical pulled the universe in

it's a wonder that this love is true
Track Name: You'll See
when you realize
everything is light
the higher the vibration
the more you feel

you'll see what i mean

in the fifth dimension
the pyramid's position
fits perfectly you see
a burst of strength
may it fall down upon me
i am ready

you'll see what i mean

you can only conceal
the fact that
everything you call reality
is a limitation
of your senses

you'll see what i mean
all crooked and clean
you'll see what i mean

nothing begins or ends
it simply spirals

you'll see what i mean

pick your poison
no one will care
you'll see what i mean
yeah, you'll see what i mean
Track Name: No Divisions
holy mouth
covered and red
set my life
bones and ashes in
every time
i've set in places
holy knife
slice through my creases
all is right

build the walls
iron and arches
conquer the fears
mind in open pastures
feel nothing
your hand to the ashes

all is light
spheres and mass
no divisions
no more walls

holy light
take over my vision
blind me night
in brilliant precision

all is light
spheres and mass
Track Name: May The Righteous Fall
there's something pouring around it seems
figurines of ashen forms

wings of darkness
fangs sunk in your forearm
always drinking your blood
i see their crowns and
i feel their breathing
always drinking your blood

may all the righteous fall down
may all the righteous fall

but you
i know what you are my dear
your humble wings unfold
light is streaming like tears
your kingdoms rise from dust
look inside of you
look inside
you have all of this
all of this

may all the righteous fall down
may all the righteous fall
Track Name: The Center Of The Eye In The Pyramid (BSIDE)
there are stories
that can't be told
and mysteries
inside of every mystery
we hold

upon inspection
the iris is as foreign
as any landscape
we could ever dream
the ancients said

and the ancients said
it is the window to the soul

from the clockwork
that we can measure in
the expanse of time
that we have
in our lives

from the clockwork of the atoms
that we can measure in
the expanse of time
that we have

atop the head of
the great pyramid

draw a line
a spiritual spline
and superimpose it
on top of mine
there are wheels
mechanical gears
rusted and cold

a golden rule
with no sceptre
more than numbers
the center of the eye
in the pyramid
the center of the eye