Face Your Demons

by The Consolation Project

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    Cover art by Allie Hartley and Ron Cavagnaro. MEANT TO BE PLAYED LOUD.

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"...just like a well-executed dark film, Face Your Demons will occasionally jump out at you from the shadows long after you’ve walked away from it." -Tonya Eileen

"Face Your Demons" was created to introduce a metaphor of the transmutation of the soul. The closer one may inspect, the more obvious the ancient references to mythological and psychological occurrences that takes place during the transition from darkness to light, fighting to surrender, self versus self, and beyond. If one listens with open ears beyond what most popular music offers, one may find much more beneath the surface... It's all metaphor.


released September 2, 2011



all rights reserved


The Consolation Project Rochester, New York

The Consolation Project is unsigned artist Ron Cavagnaro's solo music from Rochester, NY. Since 1993. Please like us on Facebook! Follow us on Twitter @consolationproj
There have been over 20 full length albums worth of material. if you are interested in the archives feel free to contact.
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Track Name: The King Of Darkness
all locked up and shutting in
i killed the demon with charcoal skin
am i going crazy inside?

the king of darkness was outside
and i was ready to line my sights
i am breathing fire

for tonight
you shall die by my knife
you have taken more
than i gave you

i raise my eyes
i raise my knife

you have done your damage
i will turn it back around

walking through the old woods
what did i see?
the mean old devil laughing at me
the devil held something behind his back
a handful of charcoal
from the railroad track
took out my axe and cut his tail
oh that devil he sure did wail
slit my knife right through his back
cut his throat until it snapped
Track Name: Give Me Your Best Shot
give me your best shot
i have taken it all
all of these unseen shadows

demons in the darkness
demons in the darkness
have i got something for you
have i got something for you

'cause i refuse to cut my tongue out
i refuse to gouge my eyes out
i refuse to change direction
i can withstand the pain of rejection
it's you that's lost with no direction
and you that needs my strength and conscience
and you will never get it from me
even though it feels
a blade's inside me

you'll never win
you'll never win
Track Name: Ship Of Ghosts
take off
ship of ghosts
carry my soul

you can't remember, man
i recall
the static on the radio

i know you're out there
and you can hear me
you can't disappear
without coming back
the empire has stretched out
and crushed your spine
you can't disappear
without turning back

let the light surround you
angel wings devour you
breaking through the ground
let the light inside you
demon fangs in your twisted veins
breaking through the clouds

you were sinking
but i was a part of you
you were dying
the blood was a part of you
you were choking
wheezing and reaching
but you were leaving
and you were inside of you
no time for weeping
the ghosts will take care of you

i know you're out there
and you can hear me
you can't disappear
without coming back
the empire has stretched out
and crushed your spine
you can't disappear
without turning back
you can't disappear
without turning back
Track Name: In My Chest
i feel you in my deepest heart
alone with you nothing can tear us apart
under the moon and darkest of nights
you hold me closely down inside
i can never leave you

i can feel you in my chest
i can feel you in my chest
we are the dreamer's dream
we hold within us everything
and everything else is dust

i can feel you in my chest
i can feel you in my chest
alone together we share secrets
alone together

you can love me to death

i can feel you in my chest
i can feel you in my chest
it's only good for us
it's nothing but the best for us
i will kiss you on your neck
i will take you to places unseen
i will be your everything
i love you
i can feel you in my chest
Track Name: Curses Come Easy
curses come easy baby
they know what you know
they make us feel worthless
they suck from our souls

haunted eyes from pictures
come to life
fear not for i will be here
i want you to face the shadow

it's written all over your fingers
open up all your windows
tell your demons to go

don't avoid it any more
don't avoid it any more
Track Name: All I Needed
the water ghosts have called themselves king
and like a dream they pull at my heartstrings

it all started in the late summer
and i was a fool at the time
my heart was scattered and shattered
i should have realized
i could have realized
all of the things i needed
and wanted was in you

it haunts me and whispers darkness into my heart
but my heart belongs to you
and it always has

those old ghosts' rusty chains are still there
you know, in the corner of my soul
where i can't seem to stop hating myself for my affliction
but you stand so strong
like the queen that i've always served
my entire life

i should have realized
i could have realized

all of the things i needed

i should have realized
i could have realized

and now i have you here with me
and now you have me here with you
Track Name: Silver Light
silver light
catches my eyes in this world
for you my love i shall give
memories and dreams
i will share eternally
with you
and you will share eternally

my dreams

looking deep
at what's in me
feeling deeply
what's in me
nothing is holding me back
and no walls to hit
our wounds become scars
sand grains become stars
you are my only one

through the sheets
out in the moonlit forest where i found you
all of my cares behind me
i embraced you like a silver light
in the darkness surrounded by lightning
a thousand questions
a million fireflies
drew me to your heart
i want to touch your heart
i want to taste your tears

what's mine
is yours
what's yours
is mine

silver light
it catches my eyes
Track Name: Devil's Caught Your Jaw
i think you found yourself
drowned by the edge of the old riverbed

in the eyes of the angels
she once said
"i didn't think you'd make it here
and neither did you"

the devil's caught your jaw
and even i can see it

do you recall
the dark creature's claws
streaming down your cheeks
injected with poison in our bloodstream

don't be afraid to see what is inside of us
where the ghosts have invited themselves in
where the castles have crumbled
and we fell through the floor boards
past the world of numbers

we were covered in thousands of flapping wings
we raised our fists above our heads

do you recall
being covered in thousands of our wildest dreams
as thirteen cloaked figures shouted curses to the skies

so remove the black rings that numb our fingertips
through this window that a hundred spiders cling
past the graves of what we knew
Track Name: Void
face to the gravel again
i lay motionless and weeping
for it's a part of me
and it's a part of you
a cursed existence
where there's always a struggle
on the inside

so i try to make it better
but the wounds won't ever close
trying to keep that knife still inside of me
but pulling it deeper again
pulling in deeper
and there's not much blood left
so i try to find a foundation to grasp
a handful of stones and ash
deeper and deeper i am swallowed

the blackened void of sorrow

and there's not much blood left
Track Name: Form A Circle
form a circle
that will break all doubt
cauterize this wound with fire
curses will dissolve with passion of life
this light shines purely

over an infinite ocean
shimmering salty warmth
inside, inside
let it all in

i feel like i've got all
that you have got
i see that miracles were never lost
inside, inside
let it all in
let it all in

everything holding you back
is a thousand demon claws
i see their eyes
look at their eyes
take their power from them

form a circle that will break all doubt
let it all in

wake up
Track Name: All Crooked And Chained
i could be sitting on a shelf
cornered by fear
i could be sunk in the seas of despair
i could be locked all in
but i am open wide my heart is vulnerable
to all the attacks sent before me
i will face these things
that have tried to destroy me

all crooked and chained

i sit on the floor
i hear them knock on the door
the ones who try to shake my confidence

my heart is vulnerable
i turn the door into a wall
and say "get the hell out of here
get the hell out of here"

the answer comes when you least expect it
and all of the knowledge of the ancients
and all of the knowledge of modern day
and everything you could ever imagine
can be expressed with a subtle touch
on the one you truly love

all crooked and chained
Track Name: When Evil Calls
when evil calls
you know what i mean
i will be calm
i know just what to do

when fear is forming
and weaving around you
you shall be calm
you've nothing left to lose

here it comes down
on your weighted shoulders
my love
the shadows are growing
and sucking all your blood

i will take their power away
i will break their sceptres that beat you down
i will desecrate the throne of darkness
and i will be poisoned by thorns that devour
and i will say
lay me down
lay me down

and i will fall into the depths
and you shall be calm
and you shall be calm
Track Name: Threads Of Fate
i truly had nothing
i really was no one
until i met you

i could have fallen into the ocean
the shimmering green ocean
until i met you

the fair weather crowds were nothing
the shadows that dance in the fire
casting their spells to confuse me
all swallowed in to the ocean
because i met you

my miracle, my medicine
my holy dove, my sense of love

it fills me past the brim
it fills me past the brim
because i met you

like holy ashes
my spirit becomes free
like holy doves
my spirit becomes free

turn to me
turn to me
we're sewn together
threads of fate
sewn together

like holy ashes
my spirit becomes free
like holy doves
my spirit becomes free
Track Name: Protection
two steps inside me i taste you
in comfort and peace my love
holy and sacred

autumn leaves all over
come down and reign
ivy climbing your neck
calm down and stay
with me my love
all around

bring me the light that i seek
cleanse my charred hands
unveil your protection
upon my forehead

these blood stained hands are tired
i must rest my head on your shoulder
as the angels do on tombstones
protection, protection, protection