Ascension EP

by The Consolation Project

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released September 22, 2012



all rights reserved


The Consolation Project Rochester, New York

The Consolation Project is unsigned artist Ron Cavagnaro's solo music from Rochester, NY. Since 1993. Please like us on Facebook! Follow us on Twitter @consolationproj
There have been over 20 full length albums worth of material. if you are interested in the archives feel free to contact.
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Track Name: All Shadows Fade
remember the autumn
falling down beside
your colorful leaves
your colorful leaves
they'll guide you
you've seen everything
all the time

your wonder stays inside
and inside of me
adorning paper dreams
sacred ancient things
everything will turn out right
everything combines in time
all the time

kiss and cover me
the frozen air
slowly dancing and spinning
all shadows fade
all shadows fade

kiss and cover me
just you and i
all shadows fade
Track Name: Bridge Up The Stitch
a shadow took a bite
and there's a void within me
took a chance took a risk
which side will win
again and again

bridge up the stitch
cause the stitch still hurts
and it never holds for long
that's my blood
in your hands again
again and again

kiss me pull me down
show me what is mine
sheets of protection
showers of affection
kiss me thrill me
again and again

one wall holds my weakness
and the other my holds pain
i need to build a bridge
that will bring these back together
again and again

the serpent's stuck together
it's swallowing itself again
so if i choose which side
i could be whole
i should be whole
again and again
Track Name: I Am The Fountain
i see what i see
i am the fountain
beyond all knowledge
you are the strength
beyond monumental arches

the moon is rising
angelic beings
precious things swirling

i swim inside it
the moon is rising

my empire is conquering
for i am with you there
what death stole from me
for i am with you there
the serpent fell low
for i am with you there

it's crown spilled
poison filled it's veins

the moon is rising

and all is silent
no more violence
Track Name: Create Sacred Things
open your mind
seek out the visions
it's a simple decision
living like never before
breathing wider
more air than the lungs can hold

broken houses
the old windows hanging
open orange landscapes
crown of the sun
monster of the sea

the message to you is
the fire is ending
take in the beauty
more air than the lungs can hold

create sacred things
live in a lucid dream
it's okay to retreat
from the world
when it's cold and desolate

you can live
more than a silhouette
if you listen instead of think
there can be hopeful things
growing in the tree of the soul
nurture what you find sacred

and leave the rest
to the wind
leave the rest
to the wind
Track Name: King and Queen
the notes all pour out
but the words seem to hide
look at you now
look at you now

feeling safe
balancing on the razor blade
tip of the crescent moon
come down soon
come down soon

sent all my love
to rain on us
once in a while
hitting my cheek

i am the light
inside of the cat's eye

and the faith of love
sweeping the shores with
brass wings

somehow it heals me
somehow you heal me
sometime i'll be healing
with you
Track Name: The Sunset Dawning
the light in your eyes
fills the light in mine
how can i say
words cannot
words cannot

looking like a dove released
from all the pain
they did to me
oh it's so very perfect

i know, i know it
like a sunset dawning
like a sunset dawning
Track Name: Like Static (BSIDE)
what you see is everything
in beautiful and withering
the ocean churning
into your soul
if you let it go

a broken bone can heal
if you reset it

don't you stop to regret
your place in this world
because the soul bleeds light
and it uncovers the truth
and uncovers the lies
you made to yourself
if you let it go

you can turn it all back around
inside out
shadows to light

form in your crescent mind
shadows to light

allow the desire to take flight
your dreams form to manifest
in this very moment
upside down
flowing into your wounds
like magic
like static
you're electric you know
shadows to light
into your spirit tonight